Eneida (Nail Polish Wraps/Strips)
Eneida (Nail Polish Wraps/Strips)

Eneida (Nail Polish Wraps/Strips)

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Purple, Cream, Plaid, Hearts

DIY Salon Quality Manicures & Pedicures! Easy to apply Gel/Nail Polish Wraps/Strips. No Mess! No Fuss! No Dry Time!

Look no further than Haute Nail Wraps for your next affordable DIY Manicure! These wraps have a range of staying power and depending on your nails and application, that can vary from 3-10 days. Following the application tips below will give you the best chance for longer wear.

Application Tips
•    Prep nails with alcohol swab and cuticle stick and keep your nails dry
•    Choose nail wrap that is slightly smaller than your nail, to help avoid cuticle area
•    Place rounded edge at nail base and smooth until wrinkle free, avoiding cuticle areas
•    Apply topcoat, especially to seal the edges along the sides and tip, for longer lasting wear (see FB page for video)

To Remove
•    Option 1: Use nail polish remover (using nail clips and having them soak for a few minutes works best)
•    Option 2: Soak hands in warm water, apply cuticle oil and then gently peel strip